Pure aluminum adhesive tape with synthetic rubber adhesive, flame retardant

Applications, properties and advantages:

  • Flame-retardant pure aluminum adhesive tapes in accordance with DIN 4102, building material class B1
  • With approval mark P-BHH-2012-1010
  • For sealing intersections on aluminum-laminated insulating systems
  • For bonding ventilation pipes and air-conditioning ducts
  • Thicker than standard-quality foil and therefore increased mechanical strength
  • Outstanding shear strength for the secure and durable sealing of insulation structures
  • Suitable for fabricating die-cut parts
  • Strong adhesive suitable for construction sites
  • Very strong adhesion and high initial tack
  • Functions as a water vapor barrier
  • Highly resistant to moisture
  • Outstanding ageing properties
  • High shear strength, even in varying temperatures
  • Flexible, strong aluminium carrier

Technical data

backing material pure aluminum foil
liner siliconized PE film or release paper
backing thickness 0,04 mm
tape thickness 0,08 mm
width 50, 75 and 100 mm
length 50 and 100 m
tensile strength 30 N/cm
elongation at break 5%
adhesion to steel 9 N/cm
temperature resistance -40 up to + 80° C
water vapour perm. 1g/m² x 24 h