Protection and aesthetics for insulated pipes covered with elastomer or other insulation materials. The bandage also allows to cover/protect insulation material like glass or stone wool pipe in a easy way.

The big advantage of the bandage is that it can be used in limited spaces thanks to the small size.

Technical data / vinyl tape

Description U.m. Value DIN
Thickness mm 0,10 DIN 53370
Weight per m2 gr/m² 115 DIN 53352
Stabillity term. lo/tr % +-3% DIN 16938
Tensile strength . N/mm² 19 UNI 3789
Tensile strength h.. N/mm² 16 UNI 3789
Elongation a.b. long % 200 UNI 37890
Elongation a.b. tras % 190 UNI 3789
Resist. laceraz. lon N/m 50 ASTM 624
Resist. laceraz. tra N/m 47 ASTM 624