Self-adhesive aluminum tape with bitumen adhesive.





Application, properties and advantages:

  • For reparing of gutters and the roof surfaces, securing of junctions, sealing below ground level, damp diffusion barrier in combination with the pipes insulation, watertight sealing of the overlaps in case of the metal cladding
  • Excellent sealing of seams even with subsequent attacks of moisture
  • Acts as a water vapour barrier
  • Excellent ageing properties
  • Can be applied well even under difficult building site conditions
  • High abrasion resistance of the aluminium foil

Technical data

carrier mulilayer aluminium foil
covering adhesive repellent polyethylene film
carrier thickness 0,10 mm
tape thickness 1,50 mm
standard widths 50, 75 e 100 mm
length 10 m
tensile strength 40 N/cm
elongation at break 10 %
adhesion on steel 15 N/cm
temperature stability -40 up to + 80° C
water vapour permeability < 1 g/m2 x 24 h