Reinforced aluminium adhesive tape



Applications, properties and advantages:

  • For sealing intersections on aluminum-laminated insulating
  • Visually perfect sealing on lamella mats through dense
    mesh structure (5mm x 5mm)
  • High mechanical strength
  • Strong adhesive suitable for construction sites
  • Very strong adhesion and high initial tack
  • Outstanding vapor barrier
  • Moisture-proof
  • Outstanding ageing properties
  • High shear strength, even at varying temperatures

Technical data

backing material aluminium foil reinforced with fiberglass scrim (5x5mm)
covering siliconized release film
thicknesss 0,13 mm ± 0,02
width 50, 75 and 100 mm
length 50 m
tensile strength 30 N/cm
elongation at break 10 %
adhesion to steel 6 N/cm
temperature resistance -40 up to + 80° C
water vapour perm. <1 g/m² x 24 h


*coated with synthetic rubber adhesive or with acrylic adhesive