White aluminum Clad tape for outdoor application

Applications, properties, and advantages:

  • Aggressive adhesive with excellent adhesiveness even in the presence of humidity and low temperatures
  • Hermetic sealing of junctions precludes water infiltrations
  • Adhesive tape suitable for Isolpak ALU White
  • Excellent water and vapor barrier
  • Excellent resistance to very low temperatures
  • UV-resistant and weatherproof
  • Excellent resistance to the aging of horizontal tear despite the high extension at break
  • Excellent mechanical resistance

Technical data

backing material Special multilayer film with 2 layer [UV/ALU]
adhesive UV acrylic
tape thickness 0,08 mm
width 50, 75 e 100 mm
19, 25, 30 e 50mm
length 25 und 50m
color white
tensile strength 45%
elongation at break 120 N/cm
temperature resistance -40 fino + 120° C
adhesion to steel 8,5 N/cm