Coroplast Tape 933 ALU

Black varnishes aluminum adhesive tape

Coroplast Tape 933 ALU
Coroplast Tape 933 ALU

Applications, properties and advantages:

  • For sealing intersections on matt black surfaces
  • Suitable as assembly aid for rubber system sealings
  • Strong adhesive suitable for construction sites
  • Adhesive: synthetic rubber
  • Additional mechanical protection for rubber system
  • No painting needed at black sealing intersections
  • No visible edge at insulating systems
  • Technical data:

    backing material aluminiuim foil, varnished black
    liner siliconized release paper
    adhesive synthetic rubber
    tape thickness 0,05 mm
    width 50, 75 and 100 mm
    length 50 and 100 m
    tensile strength 20 N/cm
    elongation at break 5%
    adhesion to steel 8 N/cm
    temperature resistance -40 up to + 80° C

    water vapour perm.

    <1 g/m² x 24 h