Jacketing in PVC Isogenopak®

ISOGENOPAK® is a special rigid PVC jacketing film for insulated piping. This plastic sheet ensures a clean and dry installation. Its application is easy and fast due to the curl (recoil) effect. 

ISOGENOPAK® is self-extinguishing and has considerable resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, oil, petrol, aliphatic hydrocarbons and corrosive atmospheres. In addition, the material cannot corrode and is virtually impermeable to water vapour. It is unaffected by fresh and salt water and is impervious to gases, grease and oil.

Jacketing in PVC Isogenopak®
Jacketing in PVC Isogenopak®


The chemical characteristics of PVC ISOGENOPAK® are matched by equally good physical characteristics: high longitudinal and lateral tear resistance, high elasticity and shock resistance.

ISOGENOPAK® is very light: one square metre, 0.350 mm thick, weighs only about 500 g. This low weight and ease of stacking facilitates transportation and storage.
Physiologically harmless, ISOGENOPAK® has a light grey smooth surface which guarantees a long lasting elegant appearance. It requires no care or maintenance and also has very good antistatic characteristics.
The material has considerable resistance to temperature changes and is stable from -20°C up to +55°C in indoor use.
The thermal conductivity 2, of ISOGENOPAK® is 0.16 W/mK.

  • Technical data

    CharacteristicValueUnitMeasuring method
    Moisture resistance factor µ ca. 60.000 --------- DIN 52615
    Impact strength > 400 kJ/m² DIN EN ISO 8256G
    Tensile strength > 35 N/mm² DIN EN ISO 527
    Elasticity modulus ca. 1800 N/mm² DIN EN ISO 527
    Linear heat expansion coefficient  0.9 x 10^-4 1/K Leitz dilatom.
    Emissivity e 97 % ISO 10292-A

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