• At The Heart of Insulation

    At The Heart of Insulation

    The purpose of the insulation materials is to protect what is below the insulation surface. But also the insulation layer needs to be protected from the different environmental conditions like extreme cold or heat, water or vapor, UV radiation. Our mission is efficiency and reliability at the highest level.

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  • A shield for your plant

    A shield for your plant

    Nowadays production process can occur in the severe conditions like tremendous cold or extreme heat. The newest, innovative insulation materials protect against energy loss and ensure that all the difficult tasks in cold and hot conditions can be performed smoothly. Our materials can facilitate the production despite the extreme conditions but also can facilitate efficient work in the long run. Our insulation materials will act like protective shield through the years.

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  • The Power to create connections

    The Power to create connections

    Establishing connections – this is what is essential for us. Our location in the middle of Europe, in a bilingual environment, allows us to reach out to a large number of producers and to connect them to each other. Our location is ideal for the innovative products of our partners to be distributed across not only European market but the global insulation market. 

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Nos produits

Nos produits

TTM est un producteur et distributeur des produits semi-fini pour l´isolation technique et des rubans adhesifs établi à l`échelle européenne. Grâce à la connaisance approfondie du marché et l`organisation solide l`entreprise peut élaborer des solutions personnalisées pour une grande variété d`applications.

Aux produits

TTM in the world

TTM in the world

Créée il y a 40 ans, notre entreprise s’est développée en proposant à nos clients des produits d'isolation de haute qualité et des solutions fait sur mesure. Grâce à un large réseau de vente dans le monde entier, nous pouvons fournir efficacement et avec souplesse nos produits au meilleur prix possible.

Notre réseau commercial


We are pleased to announce the creation of a new product: Isolpak® KOVERTEC

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Isolpak® Alu Indoor

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new product: Isolpak® ALU Indoor

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